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New housing scheme only fattens developers, not helping buyers

PUCHONG: Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) today slammed Bank Negara for not addressing the fundamental issue revolving around the lack of home ownership among Malaysians. In a statement today, PSM secretary general A Sivarajan said that the main reason why many

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UN: Malaysia’s poverty rate is higher than what is reported officially

PUCHONG: Malaysia’s claim that it has the world’s lowest national poverty rate is untrue as the official figure grossly undercounts poverty. In a statement, United Nations human rights expert Phillip Alston said that when it comes to extreme poverty and

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PSM: Forget politicians, people should rise above racial polemics

PUCHONG: Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) today urged Malaysians to rise above petty politics and put a stop to the rising racial and religious tension in the country. In a statement, PSM secretary general A Sivarajan said the people have to

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Mourning for Mursi: What about the Batek tribe, PSM asks Kelantan

PUCHONG: Former Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi died on Tuesday during his trial, triggering a widespread outpouring of grief among Muslim leaders across the world. The Kelantan government also extended its heartfelt condolences to Mursi’s family, with the state assembly offering

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