Mother’s Day 2020: Here’s how you can celebrate Mother’s Day this year

Mother’s Day 2020: Here’s how you can celebrate Mother’s Day this year

In Malaysia, May 10 is celebrated as Mother’s Day. And yes, your usual ritual of buying your mother a card, cake with Happy Mother’s Day and a bouquet of flowers may be a little difficult this year thanks to the CMCO/MCO/EMCO. So this year, you might have to think outside the box to turn this uneventful quarantine into a productive Mother’s Day gifting exercise.

Think of your mother and all the things she does for you, and it must bring a smile to your face. Even from before you are born and till the day you breathe your last, for your mother, you will always be a tiny baby that needs to be protected from the world. 

Mothers go to every extent to make sure their child is safe and happy, and when the child leaves the nest, mother’s worry and call every minute of the day to make sure you are okay, and that no harm come to their precious little child.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, all of us have been stuck at home on account of lockdown. Those who are lucky enough to spend quarantine with their family are treated to delicious delicacies and loving caresses from their mothers, sometimes feeling very ‘suffocated’ by being around their family this much.

And then there’s the unfortunate bunch who has spent most of their time in quarantine talking to their family and friends via video calls, harassing our mothers for recipes and step-by-step guidance for cooking.Crying and having emotional breakdowns as she calms us down.

And no matter how many times you ask your mother the same question, unlike you, she won’t snap, she will explain every tiny detail over and over again. That’s a mother’s heart, she may be unappreciated and not listened to, but a mother’s pure heart doesn’t see anything beyond the happiness of her child.

So shouldn’t such a person be celebrated every single day? Unfortunately, children are not as amazing as their mothers and don’t really appreciate them, mothers, until a lot later in life, usually when they too have terribly selfish children.

‘I’ll call you back mom’

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being around their family this quarantine, all the loneliness may have made us crabby, but it’s always better to extend kindness, especially to our adoring mothers.

Whenever your mother calls, you’re always too busy and tell her you’ll call back, but you never do. She listens to you rant about your life, job, the world, everything, but who hears her out?

Sometimes the nicest and kindest thing you can do for anyone hears them out, so this time instead of going into your ‘the world is ending speech’, wait a second and ask your mother how her day was. And let her spiral into, ‘your dad is the worst and doesn’t do squat’, speech.

Recite her favourite poetry, write a letter

Write a heartfelt letter appreciating your mother, or if she is a lover of poetry, write her some poetry or recite her favourite one if you aren’t capable of writing. This works for those who are at home, and also for those who are away, just recite it all via video call.

Bake a cake

This is for those who are enjoying the company of their family and are at home. Instead of what you do every year, which is lazily go and buy a cake, this year put in some extra effort and bake a cake.

Banana bread is the easiest to bake and goes great with your mom’s evening cup of chai. If you don’t have an oven, make a ‘cake in a cup’ using your microwave, there are several recipes online and this cake, although too doughy for my taste, gets the job done in under five minutes.

However, if you want to take extra points, make pancakes, they’re super easy and it with give your mom a sweet start to her day

Help out

This one is also for the lucky ducks sitting at home as their mothers do all the work. Get her to take the day off, team up with the rest of your family and make sure the house is spick and span, take a cue from the videos on YouTube and whip up some delicious delicacies. Let your mother kick back and relax, there’s is no better gift than a good day of rest.

Home spa

Maybe you can’t take your mom out to the spa-like you usually do, so get your face scrub, body butter, hair mask, and all the beauty paraphernalia out. Hand your mother that robe as you take her on day of home spa relaxation. This obviously works better for daughters, but with a little research, everyone can do wonders.

Be considerate

With all this time at home, some of us have really seen the wrong of our ways, our behaviour towards are family, and our attitudes. Take this time in as a blessing and change those parts of you that seem to create issues, obviously only the negative aspects.

Be kinder and more considerate towards your parents, listen to them, help them out in their chores and with their personal work. When they can’t understand how to use YouTube or anything ‘technical’, explain it to them calmly and patiently, no matter how many turns it takes.

It is the least you can do for the people who spent their entire life trying to make sure you were happy and safe, but all you saw were obstacles getting in the way of your ‘fun’. So maybe this year, your gift won’t be perfect, but the way you treat your mother, and the rest of your family, may be all you need to fix to make it a wonderful time.

You know she deserves more than you could ever even give her, but trying is a start. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers round the world!

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