Mother orangutan hands over baby to S’pore zookeeper

Mother orangutan hands over baby to S’pore zookeeper

True bond forged between animal and man.

A video of a mother orangutan entrusting a zookeeper with her baby went hugely viral on Reddit recently.

Mother orangutan trusts her caretaker completely. The short 15-second video shows the mother orangutan pulling her baby off from her back, and holding it out to the zookeeper.

The zookeeper proceeds to kiss the baby several times on the forehead, before returning it to the mother.

The mother orangutan clearly seems to be comfortable around the keeper, enough to entrust her own baby to him.

Observant commenters also noticed that although the mother seems to trust the zookeeper greatly, the baby did not let go of its mother’s hand.

You can watch the heartwarming sight here:

Nothing beats the bond between our orang utans and their keepers! #KeepersofWRS #Singaporezoo

Posted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Isnin, 11 Julai 2016

The video was actually extracted from a 2016 video by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).