Moratorium for a trader is only a ventilator

Moratorium for a trader is only a ventilator

Well articulated but pls bear with me , a layman’s opinion …

  1. A lot of one off goodies more for B40 , yes it will pump prime the economy temporarily and we all understand the challenges of balancing Budget and managing the deficits but after this – NO FUTURE
  2. Why give civil servants a one off payment, they are the least affected , they get paid their full salaries on the dot – a sheer political move ? Especially when we have a crisis on hand – giving frontliners ok la, we are grateful but remember they are already being paid , for now we must worry about people not getting paid and no income at all
  3. For businesses how? Our PM used an example of Machik Kiah family getting a total of rm8k so let and me use similarly a businessman acronym. Kamdar – people working in ‘kamdar’ as an example how ? Maybe I am missing something here ? kamdar will be closed in the duration of MCO and whose business will not pick up to normal for a minimum of 6months to 1 year ( according to singapore Govt outlook ) , and let’s assume people in Kamdar earn between rm1500 to rm4k, do all of them get rm600 and the balance Kamdar needs to pay?
  4. Where is Kamdar going to get the money as all salaries need to be paid , our HR minister repeats like a broken record ( according to the employment act bla bla bla – like we businessman do not know ) Kamdar is stuck with rentals to landlords who if not paid will or might evict him , but let’s be fair if he does not pay rental , how are all the heavily geared landlords going to pay the banks – moratorium works on cash flow only not loss of income
  5. Now Kamdar being a trader does not borrow term loans but uses trade lines like BA , no BNM directives on trade lines – but even if a fair weather Banker suddenly has a kind heart and gives a moratorium- banks says becomes an R&R and will go into Citrix’s ( so damn if u do , damn if u don’t)
  6. But moratorium for a trader only is ventilator ( now in short supply ) , as he needs trade facilities once he opens for business , goods come in , he needs to pay but banks will not increase lines

So there are so many small Kamdars , big Kamdars , F&Bs that in next few months are going to close.

But yes the SME packages or the special $billion packages looks nice on paper but we the real businessmen know that this schemes are impossible to qualify for as they want past , present , future 5 year plans etc etc , and we all will be closed before we get all this if we ever do and that will be a miracle and yes the electricity waiver. Please do not bother all of us use more than that and TNB has no clue who will qualify .

Solutions :
All associations have submitted massive memorandums but fallen to deaf ears

Datuk Wira( Dr.) Hj. Ameer Ali Bin Mydin is Masjid India Business Association President