Rafizi: Mohamad probably transferred RM10 million illegally

Rafizi: Mohamad probably transferred RM10 million illegally

PUCHONG: PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli claimed that Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan probably had transferred funds amounting to RM10 million illegally to London 12 years ago.

“Tok Mat transferred RM10 million silently using a money exchange operator which violates the operating license of the exchanger.

“They are licensed to exchange foreign currency to ringgit or otherwise, not transfer funds abroad,” said Rafizi while referring to Mohamad, using the latter’s nick name.

Controversy over the RM10 million transfer that took place a decade ago was resuscitated by Negeri Sembilan speaker Zulkefly Mohamad Omar recently in light of the ongoing Rantau by-election campaign.

Rafizi also responded to Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar who defended Mat Hasan on the basis that the latter was wealthy as he worked in the corporate sector prior to joining politics full time.

“When Tok Mat attempts to hide the fund transfer using wrong channels, it is no longer a matter of whether he is wealthy or not,” he said.

Referring to the foreign exchange administration rules, he said Tok Mat would have no restrictions in transferring funds abroad if he was not mired with debts in 2007.

“If Tok Mat has debts, and he wanted to transfer RM10 million to purchase a home in London, he would not be able to do so as the amount is restricted to RM1 million only.

“If he had debts in 2007, his actions to transfer the funds runs afoul of the law. If found guilty, he can be fined and imprisoned.”

Rafizi also speculated two reasons as to why Mohamad did what he did.

“First, the funds did not come from his own source. If it is transferred using normal legal channels, he would be required to declare the source of the RM10 million.”

“It would be difficult for him to declare the fund when he request the banks to transfer the funds. If he makes a false declaration, that would be violating the law and he can be investigated.”

Rafizi speculated the second reason is probably because Mohamad had loans with the banks at that time which disabled him from transferring funds or purchase asset abroad at an amount exceeding RM10 million.

“To avoid this limitation as Bank Negara Malaysia would not approve the transfer, the only way is to quietly use a money exchanger,” he said.