MIC predicts Mat Hasan would be next PM

MIC predicts Mat Hasan would be next PM

RANTAU: Former MIC chief Datuk Dr S Subramaniam pedicted that BN’s Rantau candidate, Mohamad Hasan could become the prime minister of Malaysia post GE15.

“In politics there is always a change. The government today may be changed tomorrow,” the former health minister said at a group talk organised by MIC in Kampung Baru Segga, Rantau, yesterday.

“If BN wins GE15, Tok Mat, who is now acting Umno president, and is likely to be elected as Umno president, will have the chance to be appointed as prime minister,” he added.

“Victory in this by-election is the beginning, so you need to support Tok Mat. You need to understand this and do what needs to be done,” he told a group of some 50 people.

He also blamed the Election Commission as being the root cause of the by-election.

“On April 13, there is a by-election here, which was not necessary. It is being held due to the EC’s negligence.”

Mohamad is facing a four cornered tussle involving PKR’s Dr S Streram and two independents.