Mahathir: Nothing to be gained from war

Mahathir: Nothing to be gained from war

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said nothing can be gained from war just like what was shown by America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

He noted that being the world’s most powerful military power today, America has the capacity to wipe off the whole of humanity if it chooses to do so, but the Americans must remember the outcome of the Vietnam War.

Dr Mahathir said the great power, employing all its military might, all its technology and huge sums of money was defeated by the Vietnamese.

“Tens of thousands of American soldiers died. Many more seriously wounded both in body and mind. For all these sacrifices what has America gained Nothing, truly nothing that could not be gained by peaceful means,” he said in an entry on his blog ‘Chedet’ today.

The Vietnamese fought and died for their country, the prime minister said, adding that such passionate patriotism is totally justified.

“That too will be the passion of other countries attacked by America or other powers. Defence and the sacrifices made for one’s country is to be expected.

“But those who sacrifice their lives in aggressive wars die for nothing,” Dr Mahathir said.

He also jogged people’s memory over what transpired in Iraq.

“Remember Iraq also. It was supposed to be over in three months. But it is still on today almost 18 years later. (President) Saddam (Hussein) is dead but is Iraq much better than Saddam’s times

“I don’t think autocracy is right. But if democracy is the answer, expecting it to perform miracles overnight is stupid,” Dr Mahathir said.


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