Little Zhafran Umar’s voice on healthy lunchboxes attracts more viewers

Little Zhafran Umar’s voice on healthy lunchboxes attracts more viewers

KUALA LUMPUR: Entertaining and cute – aptly described the background voice of three-year-old Zhafran Umar Zulfikri Zaki, in a video on healthy food that has become viral on social media.

Although some words may sound muffled, many viewers find the video interesting and entertaining.

The video on ideas for healthy lunchboxes for children was shared by his mother, Nurul Azren A Razak, 30, on Tiktok and Instagram, and it now has tens of thousands of followers and millions of viewers.

Nurul Azren, when contacted by Bernama, said she had been sharing videos on healthy lunchboxes for children on social media since Zhafran Umar was six-months-old and in the early stages, her videos did not have background sound.

“It was only this year, when I started sending him to the child care centre, the video focuses on healthy lunchboxes for children, and when making the video, he is alway around with me and wants to know what I’m doing.

“I recorded his voice and when I played it back, he enjoyed listening to it. I didn’t expect having his voice in the video will attract more viewers,” she said.

Nurul Azren, who is a part-time graphic designer, said the food she prepared on the video, like pumpkin pasta, potato tofu nuggets and egg wraps, were from her own recipes.

“To make the food more attractive for children, I decorate and packed them in colourful containers. My son knows the name of almost all the food I prepared. Sometimes, I have to guide him to say the name correctly.

“There are also words that just came out spontaneously from him, such as ‘nyum-nyum’ which has become a ‘trademark’ in our videos,“ she said.

Nurul Azren said she also shared videos of his son’s activities to help him improve his motor skills, focus and vocabulary.-Bernama