‘Linking me with Namitha attempt to spoil Indian votes’- Streram

‘Linking me with Namitha attempt to spoil Indian votes’- Streram

By K Pragalath

EXCLUSIVE RANTAU: PKR’s Dr S Streram viewed the false messages linking him with Indian female actor Namitha Vankawala as an attempt to spoil his Indian vote base here.

“If I had that much money, I would rather spend it for the poor and needy in Rantau.  It is politically motivated to spoil my chances with the Indian votes,” he said.

Messages on WhatsApp claiming that Dr Streram purchased air tickets for Indian female actor Namitha Vankawala had gone viral on Monday. 

There were claims that one had to win a lucky draw for a chance to shake hands with the actor in a bid to boost Streram’s chances.

His aide has lodged a police report on this matter on Tuesday.

The Leaders Online has contacted Namitha to obtain her comments with regards to this development

On another issue, Streram dismissed the notion that he would not be disadvantaged as he was not local candidate in Rantau on the basis that he was well aware of the local issues in Rantau.

The anaesthesiologist has a clinic in Nilai.

“You can be here for 30 to 40 years but not even know your neighbours and the local issues.  Not being a local boy is not an issue.

“I am part of this big family called Rantau.  Even though I practice in Nilai, I do have many relatives here in Rantau.

On another issue, he confirmed that PKR had not taken any action after he submitted proof of his debt settlement.

“By offering the seat to me they have accepted my explanation.  Let’s keep the issue at rest.

Earlier this month, there were allegations by Segamat MP Datuk Seri R Santhara Kumar that Streram owed him money.

Streram admitted taking a loan of over RM60,000 to finance his daughter’s education but the loan was settled.  He also submitted his settlement proof to PKR’s supreme council.

He also described Santhara as a close friend while stating that the first-time federal law maker has yet to join in the campaign here.

“So far Santhara has not come forward to assist me in the campaign but both of us are close friends.”