Lift from hell terrifies Mandy Villa residents

Lift from hell terrifies Mandy Villa residents

SEGAMBUT: A guard provided access to this writer to the lifts located in Mandy Villa. There was a notice that only five people can get into the lift at any one time which was odd because normally the limitation is based on weight instead of number of individuals. 

The application for lifts as stipulated under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967 also was not displayed in the lift.

This writer got in the lift alone and pressed the button to the tenth floor. It zoomed all the way upto seventh floor shook and stopped. Then the lift went back to the ground floor.  The door opened normally.

To avoid more surprises, this writer ended up walking ten floors up.

Residents in Block B of Mandy Villa Apartment have been facing far more traumatising experience on this lift since January 2018.

Of the two lifts at that block, one has been totally out of order since September 2018.

The lift that is limited by number of people instead of weight.

Residents’ experience

Christina Amandeep Gill who lives with her brother and sickly mom related her horrifying experiences that even led to a police report lodged on March 27.

“I took the lift from the 10th floor to the second floor when the lift suddenly shook and stopped. It gave the creeps out of me as there was no indicator at which floor the lift was and air ventilator too was malfunctioning,” she said.

“I pressed on the emergency bell for help but no one came forward. I then contacted my brother using my handphone to get assistance from the management office but he told me that there was no one there,” said Christina who was in fear.

The 50-year-old lady who suffers from asthma then lodged a complaint to the Jinjang Fire and Rescue Department before getting a panic attack. She claimed that she then fainted inside the lift.

“A management staff named Dinesh didn’t bother and only took action 45 minutes later. He also endangered my life by using the screw driver to open the lift.”

“I was told by the Fire Department staff that such actions can cause the lift to crash to the ground.”

The police report also was lodged against the residents committee members.

She also revealed that the management discouraged residents from calling the Fire Department for assistance on the basis that the department need not interfere.

Christina also told of how her bed ridden, wheel chair bound mother was forced to skip appointment with health specialist. Her mother is a heart patient.

“My mom has gotten trapped inside the lift more than ten times. She was forced to skip her appointments. Once, she had a heart attack and could not be sent to the National Heart Institute as the ambulance could not come to her aid.

“I eventually got her to the hospital and was forced to tell doctors there to admit her for several days since the lifts have been malfunctioning for a long time.”

Christina’s brother, Kulvinder Singh also spoke to The Leaders Online.

“It is still manageable for the adults. What about the children and elderly? What can they do? The lifts are stuck daily several times.

“When the lift is not on the same level as the floor, it doesn’t open.  There is no certification even though all lifts are regulated by law,” he said in reference to regulations under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967.

Lifts run by syndicate?

Based on the systematic flouting of law in Block B Mandy Villa, both Christina and Kulwinder are convinced that the maintenance of the lifts is managed by a syndicate.

“They repair now and it gets spoiled in a few hours.  Are they milking money by maintaining a faulty lift? They are paid every time they come for maintenance work,” said Kulwinder.

Christina meanwhile questioned whether the authorities would only be taking action if and when there was a death occurring in the lift.

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