Korean Technology Start-Up Company UFIRST Co., Ltd Launches a Smart Hearing Aid

Korean Technology Start-Up Company UFIRST Co., Ltd Launches a Smart Hearing Aid

SEOUL, South Korea, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ‘NUGUNA HEARING-AID’, developed by UFIRST Co., Ltd, is a hearing aid that detects high-pitched sounds and informs the wearer of the direction of the sounds through vibration.

UFIRST NUGUNA hearing-aid
UFIRST NUGUNA hearing-aid

Put NUGUNA hearing aid around the neck and turn it on, the built-in microphone will recognize the ambient sound and tell the direction of the noise by vibrating. This inconspicuous hearing aid looks like typical, neckband-style, Bluetooth earphones. 

The device obtains the average value of ambient noise by performing obtained 1,000 scans per second. Noise above this average level are recognized as usual noise, such as busy construction sites or streets.

“We continued to pay attention to resolve the problems of hearing impairment, so we developed the product by conducting about 300 on-site surveys,” Mr. Fedora Lee, UFIRST CEO said.

Its current selling price is around $500, more reasonable than other, more conventional hearing aids. By adopting the popular neckband design, the device is much more comfortable than conventional hearing aids that must be worn in-ear.

“NUGUNA hearing aid” has targeted buyers and distributors of global market with focus on North America, Europe and Japan, which have rich social awareness and support for the disabled and the elderly. NUGUNA targets distributors and buyers who sell electronic aid devices for the disabled and elderly aids, as well as those that sell general-use digital/electronic devices.

After NUGUNA product’s successful entry into the market, UFIRST company will also launch a neckband-style aid for the visually impaired of all ages. UFIRST company is striving to grow into a global company which specializes in a wide range of wearable wellness products.


  • Prospective companies for design innovation 100 [Korea, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]
  • START-UP NEST Company Selection [Korea, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund]
  • Selected K-GLOBAL 300 [Korea, Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication]
  • Global IP-STAR Company Selection [Korea, Invention Promotion Association]
  • Selected as a promising KOTRA exporters [Korea, KOTRA]
  • Selected on HIT500 [Korea, Small and Medium Business Corporation]
  • SCA fellowship Selected [SVCA]


  • Seoul International Invention Exhibition – Gold Prize
  • Asia Social Venture – GRAND PRIZE
  • IoT Innovation Grand Prize – Best Award
  • BIO Start-up Idea Contest – Grand Prize
  • K-Global Startup Competition Excellence Award
  • 2019 MWC TOP10 selected
  • 2018 MWC TOP10 selected
  • Obtained 2017, KC, CE certification

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