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Kepong Polling Center blackout left Malaysians Voting in the Dark

Kepong Polling Center blackout left Malaysians Voting in the Dark

Kepong: Power disruption experienced by one of the polling centers in Kl during election today.

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Source: Sin Chew

Malaysians in one of the Kepong polling center left frustrated as they had been experiencing power failure since this morning, prompting voters to cast their votes in the dark.

It is learnt that the incident took place at the Kepong Chinese Primary School, and many voters have been complaining about voting in the dark as they couldn’t see clearly.

Senior citizens who have poor eyesight had to be assisted by the officers at the polling center who carried a lightbulb to ease the voting process. 

In a news report by Sin Chew, DAP’s candidate for Kepong, Lim Lip Eng arrived at the polling center around 8 am to understand more about the condition at the scene.

Without wasting time, he immediately asked the responsible parties to replace the generators.

Lim was told that the generators were overloaded as they ran throughout the night.

This situation is a very unfortunate event that should not been happening in a polling center today. The conditions reflects poorly on the electoral preparation for polls at the center.

Meanwhile Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB) issued a statement via Twitter account with regards of the power cut.

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In response to the blackout TNB in a statement assured that the power supply is in good condition and following investigations, it was revealed that the power failure was caused by wiring problems as well as disruption of the supply system through mobile power on the user’s part.

Following their Twitter thread, it is also revealed that the power failure also happened in SK Guru Kalghidar in Ipoh.

TNB promised that they will continuously monitor the condition to ensure a stable power supply throughout the GE15.

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