Joker Oruvan’s legal threat attempt

Joker Oruvan’s legal threat attempt

The Leaders Online received a legal notice last month from the lawyers of Joker Oruvan on the grounds of defamation regarding a news report that linked him to the suicide case of R Thivya Nayagi due to cyberbullying.

The report can be accessed here . We are standing by our report as there are no grounds to issue an apology. There is nothing in the article that defamed him.

Interestingly, the true identity of Joker Oruvan remains unknown as he continues using his pseudonym and attempted to sue us while maintaining his anonymity.

The family members of Thivya Nayagi has confirmed that he is still wanted by the police based on the police report that they have lodged against him. The police force should detain him to ensure that justice is served.

We are waiting for his reply and the day he will be unmasked.

The legal notice sent to us is meant to harass, intimidate and dissuade journalists from conducting investigative journalism which includes presenting the truth to the public.

At the heart of media freedom is the ability of journalists to receive, produce and share information without facing physical, legal or online threats, to do their work professionally, protected by the laws of the land to uphold freedom of information and expression.

Hema Subramaniam is Editor in Chief at The Leaders

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