Johnson & Johnson Malaysia confirms not getting products from India

Johnson & Johnson Malaysia confirms not getting products from India

By: K Pragalath

KUALA LUMPUR: Johnson & Johnson Malaysia has confirmed that it does not import its products from its Indian counterparts.

“Most of our products are produced in Thailand. We have one plant in Petaling Jaya,” said the company spokeswoman to The Leaders Online.

She also gave an assurance that the factories in both Petaling Jaya and Thailand do not use harmful material in the production process.

“We only use ingredients that are approved by the government,” she said.

“Our products are safe for babies and adults,” she added.

Concerns over J&J products following reports emerging from India that the company’s baby shampoo samples failed qualiity tests done by Rajasthan Drugs Control Organisation (RDCO).

Several months ago, RDCO probed whether the company’s baby powder contained asbestos. The baby powder was given the go ahead in January.

Last month RDCO noted that the baby shampoo contained harmful ingredients.

J&J India said they have received reports claiming that the baby shampoo contained formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic material used in making building materials.

They have rejected the findings on the basis that their assurance process is “amongst the most rigorous”.

They have also questioned the test result analysis which were based on “unknown and unspecified methods.”

The two batches of the baby shampoo tested are due to expire in September 2021 and were manufactured at the company’s plant in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

J&J India spokeswoman confirmed that they do not use formaldehyde as an ingredient in the baby shampoo.

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