Jho Low’s family mansion not 1MDB’s, decries CHANT

Jho Low’s family mansion not 1MDB’s, decries CHANT

PENANG: Citizens Awareness Chant Group (CHANT) took the government to task for not abiding the rule of law as it seized the family mansion of fugitive businessman, Low Taek Jho though it is not connected with state fund, 1MDB.

CHANT advisor Yan Lee said he had known Low’s parents, Larry Low Hock Peng and Goh Gaik Ewe, for more than 20 years.

“This home was their family home for many years and their children grew up in this house.

“Obviously if any funds are proven in an impartial court of law to have been misappropriated, they should be recovered, but how could this house be connected to 1MDB when it was built long before 1MDB existed?” he said in a statement shared by Low’s spokesman.

Low, better known as Jho Low, has maintained that the seizure of the house is illegal on the basis that his mother holds a certificate of occupation dated July 2000.

The authorities are seeking to seize the mansion as part of a RM680 million civil forfeiture action.

The assets include handbags, cars and cash, which the government alleges were bought using funds siphoned from 1MDB, which was set up in 2009.

Yan insisted that the government should follow the rule of law and “stop using this issue as an excuse”.

“Taking a family home – anyone’s family home – without any real reason is just not right.”

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