I didn’t blackmail Anwar and Johari, says book author

I didn’t blackmail Anwar and Johari, says book author

PUCHONG: Yahaya Ismail, the author of the book ‘Mengapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi PM’ (Why Anwar Cannot Be Prime Minister) denied allegations of extortions and blackmail against PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul.

He explained that the RM400,000 he asked was the price to purchase the copyright for the book.

“I have given copies of the book to Anwar and Johari for them to read and if they are interested, for them to buy the copyright.  That is normal in the publication business,” he said in a Facebook post.

“I have given the copies to several others so that they can buy the copyright as well. I fixed the price at RM400,000 because I know this can be a bestseller based on my experience as an author and publisher for 40 years.

“I was shocked when Anwar said I blackmailed him for RM400,000.  That is the price based on the copyright value that I would sell to a buyer. If he is not interested, don’t buy.”

He also dared both Anwar and Johari to sue him once the book is published if they had found the book to be slanderous.

“There is no compulsion because I hold the copyright.  I have the right to publish it myself.  If I opt to publish and both Anwar and Johari claimed that I slandered them, they can sue me. What is the problem?

Yahaya said that both the politicians failed to understand the pre-print copy as opposed to a book. 

“I don’t need to blackmail Anwar to sell the copyright of the book.  That’s the work of the fools. I don’t need to befriend gangsters as support to blackmail a politician who went to jail twice for sodomy. That’s a fact, not lie.”

Yesterday, Johari claimed that someone had offered Yahaya RM400,000 for the manuscript of the book.  He also claimed that Yahaya was willing to give up the book to Anwar if the PKR president offered more funds.

“He informed me that he has completed the book and someone has offered him RM400,000 for it.

“If Anwar ups the price, he is willing to give the book to Anwar. Otherwise, he will give it to the person willing to publish the book,” he added.

He also accused Yahya of blackmail.

“It is time for the public to know who this cheap writer is who has been paid. He tried to blackmail us to pay him RM400,000.”

“Let the police investigate.  But by contacting me, he picked the wrong person.

“This is a question of pride. It is a crime when you threaten people so that the book is not published.

“The 16 chapters are laden with slander. It is his right to promote someone to be prime minister. But when he attempts to extort, he crossed the line. I cannot compromise on this,” he added.

Yahaya also revealed that he had met Anwar in a two-hour meeting session over the content of the book.

“I criticized his leadership. He invited me to his house to discuss political matters from 11.45pm to 1.45 am. He was afraid I would expose his actions that goes against Islam even though he claims to be the champion of the faith. 

“He was afraid that I would get more information on his homosexual relationships.”

Yahaya revealed that Anwar has been his friend since 1970s even though he did not share similar political ambitions.

“I did not join any political party. As a writer, it is my job to look for truth and struggle for the race, religion and nation.”

He clarified that he was not hired to write the book. He had previously authored a book in 1993 on Anwar entitled ‘Anwar Ibrahim Antara Nawaitu dan Pesta Boria’.

He also dared the political duo to prove allegations that he was a hired writer.

“You can check my bank account. Please reveal the name of the person who hired me.  I will sue them for accusing me as a hired writer.”

He also gave an assurance that he would publish the book if no parties came forward to buy the copyright.

By: K Pragalath