How will Thailand’s legalization of cannabis affect tourism in the country?

How will Thailand’s legalization of cannabis affect tourism in the country?

WITH Thailand’s decriminalization of cannabis this past June, a growing number of weed connoisseurs and curious onlookers are browsing stores and stalls selling various cannabist products.

It’s a change in policy that could boost tourism as the country reopens its borders with the world. However, Thailand’s health minister warns tourists that it’s not an open invitation for foreigners to come to the country to smoke joints freely.

Thailand decriminalized the use of cannabis on June 9, 2022, becoming the first country in Asia to allow the cultivation and sale of hemp products.

In the aftermath, potential growers rushed to the Thai government’s site and at present, more than one million people have registered on the portal seeking permission to grow cannabis, according to figures from the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

In an interview with CNN, Thai Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said that legalizing cannabis could boost the economy by $2 billion within five years.It is expected to fuel the agriculture sector in particular. But will the new rules also serve to boost the tourism industry?

A plethora of new wellness-oriented products

The health minister emphasizes that the new legalization concerns health and medical-related uses and regulations specify a low concentration of active components in edibles and other consumer products as well as age-related restrictions.

But within weeks, a host of cafés and retailers offering cannabis-infused products are flourishing in Bangkok and elsewhere,Meanwhile, according to the BBC, entrepreneur Tom Kruesopon, Thailand’s new policy towards cannabis could also have a major effect on tourism, particularly in a scenario where people specifically visit the country for cannabis-related therapies. – ETX