Hithium Sets to Participate in RE+ 2022: Solar Power International and Energy Storage International

Hithium Sets to Participate in RE+ 2022: Solar Power International and Energy Storage International

XIAMEN, China, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Focusing on LFP energy storage battery R&D and manufacturing, Xiamen Hithium Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hithium”) has announced plans to unveil the company’s latest battery product innovations at RE+ 2022 in Anaheim, USA. As the largest and most comprehensive event in North America for the clean energy industry, RE+ 2022 will be an opportunity for Hithium to show off its latest cutting-edge innovations, with a product launch on September 20th, at 2pm local time.

Hithium will hold a new product launch.
Hithium will hold a new product launch.

During the RE+ 2022, Hithium will showcase its full range of energy storage battery products, including two game-changing batteries: the 300Ah prismatic cell tailored for electric energy storage and the 46mm cylindrical cell for residential energy storage with breakthroughs in safety, energy efficiency, cycle life and cost.

Regarding the new product release at RE+ 2022, Scott Wang, Sales Director of Hithium Overseas Market, said, “This important event will mark the first step in our overseas development plans. As a brand, we wish to put forth the idea that Hithium is here “for your energy safety” and that we, as experts in LFP energy storage battery, are looking forward to securing long-term strategic partnerships with local domain experts.”

Hithium is acutely aware of an exponentially growing global energy storage market, with predictions made by BloombergNEF of demand growth to reach up to 30% per annum by 2030. The issue, however, is in sourcing the raw materials to manufacture products to meet the growing demand. As prices of rare minerals needed in the manufacturing of batteries such as lithium and cobalt continue to rise, technological breakthroughs in terms of efficiency and longevity prove invaluable. Hithium  is actively researching and developing methods by improving battery effectiveness and lifespan, ultimately extracting more value than currently possible.

RE+ 2022 will be the company’s first major stop on its international roadmap, reflecting the executives’ opinions on growing trends in the global energy storage market and expectations for the exhibition. Throughout the event, Hithium will be demonstrating its primary range of product solutions and underlying technologies, and will actively be seeking to connect with local partners to explore potential cooperation.

Hithium will showcase its new range of LFP energy storage solutions at RE+ 2022: Solar Power International and Energy Storage International, booth 2456 in Anaheim, CA from 9.20-9.22.

About Hithium
Hithium is a passionate and trusted innovation leader who focuses on energy storage. We specialize in the R&D, production and sales of LFP energy storage batteries and systems. With strong customer orientation, Hithium is committed to providing safe, efficient, clean and sustainable energy storage solutions for the world.

As one of the fastest growing technology companies in China, Hithium started in 2019 and now already had over 800 R&D engineers with extensive experience in energy storage. Hithium’s automated and intelligent manufacturing factory is integrated with MES and the entire production lines are covered by RFID, PLC, IPC, PC, etc. Hithium planned 4.71 billion USD total investment and 1,400,000 m2 factory space to achieve 135GWh  production capacity of energy storage battery in 2025.  

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