HeyGears Announces its Latest Innovations in Digital Manufacturing Solutions: A Clear Aligner Production Solution and UltraCraft A2D 4K

HeyGears Announces its Latest Innovations in Digital Manufacturing Solutions: A Clear Aligner Production Solution and UltraCraft A2D 4K

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At Dental South China International Expo, HeyGears announces two of its latest innovations in digital manufacturing solutions. First, HeyGears’ clear aligner production solution that allows 24/7 mass production of clear aligner models and digitally automates the full workflow for dental labs. Second, UltraCraft A2D 4K, HeyGears’ newest 3D printer that features both large build volume and high precision, enabling mass production of extremely accurate dental applications.

HeyGears Production Solution for Clear Aligners

Fabricating clear aligners using 3D-printed models requires on-site, skilled technicians to remove parts, switch build platforms, and cut clear aligners by hand, making it a time-consuming and skilled-labor-intensive process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization and automation have become even more important topics. HeyGears speeded up innovation and optimized its clear aligner production solution for the crisis context. The solution automates an entire clear aligner workflow: from data processing, 24/7 mass production of models to clear aligner trimming.

Some of the world’s leading dental labs such as DenMat are scaling up their businesses using HeyGears’ production solution for clear aligners.

“DenMat has used 3D printing technology in our dental laboratory for over 10 years. Along the way, we’ve tried nearly a dozen different 3D printing systems. In terms of reliability, consistency, and accuracy, HeyGears leads the pack,” said Robert Cartagena, Chief Operating Officer of Den-Mat Holdings, LLC, “They have been an excellent partner for us and have helped us scale our model shop to meet the growing demand for ortho, perio, and removables. When you need to print 1,000 models a day, HeyGears is a great choice.”

The proven digital manufacturing solution integrates:

  • UltraCraft A2D Ortho (HeyGears’ high-volume 3D printer) and add-on HiVE module (High Volume Enabler) allow 24/7 automated mass production of clear aligner models with excellent accuracy and repeatability.

HeyGears Production Solution for Clear Aligners
HeyGears Production Solution for Clear Aligners

  • Low-viscosity and heat-resistant resin optimized for high-volume models production and clear aligner thermoforming, minimizing residue, material wastage, and unsuccessful prints.
  • Automated trimline detection powered by AI algorithm
  • Streamflow, HeyGears’ automated data processing platform, facilitates every part of the clear aligner workflow – from hollowing, placement, and slicing of models, mass production to clear aligner trimming.
  • Integrated connectivity with UltraNet, HeyGears 3D printing management platform, for maximum production, predictive maintenance, and intelligent operation

UltraCraft A2D 4K

HeyGears also introduces a new member of its UltraCraft production system- A2D 4K, an industrial-grade 3D printer with both high precision (X/Y: 53μm) and large build volume (206*116mm). As part of HeyGears’ fast and accurate digital manufacturing solution, A2D 4K also features integrated connectivity to Ultra-Net, Streamflow, and add-on HiVE module, ensuring the 24/7 automated mass production of a variety of extremely accurate dental applications, including but not limited to digital dentures, castables, and night guards.

UltraCraft A2D 4K: HeyGears' high-precision large-volume 3D printer
UltraCraft A2D 4K: HeyGears’ high-precision large-volume 3D printer

“The digitalization of chairside dentistry, such as inraoral scanning, makes digital transformation a must for dental labs and puts great pressure on us. How to train our existing employees to master new skills? What about the risks of switching from our existing technologies to the latest ones? HeyGears’ fully integrated solutions dramatically lowered our risks of going digital,” said of Yangzijing Dental Laboratory, 

“They provide us with not only reliable hardware and advanced material but also timely technical support and well-rounded training services. Among our partners, HeyGears is the only company that would set a specialized team to work on the dental applications that we need and optimize their digital manufacturing solutions accordingly for us. We share the same belief that digital transformation is the source of production efficiency and competitive advantage.”

About HeyGears

HeyGears is an innovation-driven technology company with 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technologies as its core competencies. The company is dedicated to building a complete service ecosystem by integrating hardware, software, material science, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The ecosystem allows HeyGears to provide B-end customers with comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions and offer C-end customers high-quality end products empowered by 3D printing technology. 

HeyGears aims at building an M-B-C network by utilizing UltraCraft, Ultra-Net, and UltraPrint, and creating new 3D printing application scenarios from “digital production” to “unscaled” retail. The company’s digital manufacturing solutions, services and business models have and will continuously be applied in health and medical, consumer goods, electronics and various other industries. HeyGears has customers in more than 10 countries and is continuing to expand globally in America, Europe and Asia. 

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