Food review: Seafood Mania BBQ flames its way to your taste buds

Food review: Seafood Mania BBQ flames its way to your taste buds

Spices, an all-time favourite fine dining restaurant, is ready to offer diners its exciting ‘all you can eat’ signature dish- Seafood Mania BBQ flaming style.

To ensure that the menu consists of top quality ingredients, executive chef Salsabil himself ventures into the markets to get the best produce for the BBQ spread; which includes a variety of meat such as chicken, lamb, beef and seafood.

While waiting for the seafood and meat to be grilled, guests can help themselves to a variety of appetizers such as salad, soup, fried rice, vegetables, fruits, desserts and beverages.

To check out the delectable delight, The Leaders Online’s very own Uqbah Soperi tried out some of their delightful menu, and he surely tried his hands on Spices’ signature dish; the Seafood Mania BBQ.

“Looking at the dish itself, it was mouthwatering. The Tilapia fish looked fresh and appetising.

“When I took a chunk of the fish and put it in my taste buds, it felt so good. The fish was also fresh, like it was just caught a few hours ago.

And when Uqbah turned his attention to the prawns, he said that it had a very nice texture to it, probably due its seasoning.

“And the prawns were well-cooked to the delight of my cravings,” he said.

The ever-hungry Uqbah then preyed his eyes on the lamb, which he fell in love with from its first taste.

“It’s the best in the menu, if you ask me. The meat was tender, well-cooked and definitely tasty. It made me want more as I can’t keep my hands off it,” said Uqbah.

The buffet is priced at RM65 per person, served every Friday and Saturday from 6.30 – 10.30pm.

Spices is located at Furama Bukit Bintang hotel on Level 3, next to the swimming pool. Outdoor poolside seating is also available upon request for those who love the serene evening ambience.

By Uqbah Soperi

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