Floods: Number of evacuees rises in Johor, drops in Melaka

Floods: Number of evacuees rises in Johor, drops in Melaka

KUALA LUMPUR: The number of flood evacuees in Johor has increased, while a drop was recorded in Melaka and the situation remained unchanged in Pahang as of 8 am today.

In JOHOR, the number of evacuees rose to 45,218, compared to 43,856 recorded at 8 pm yesterday, with 174 relief centres still operating in six districts so far.

The State Disaster Management Committee, in a statement, said Batu Pahat was the worst-hit district, with 38,134 at relief centres, followed by Muar (4,057) and Tangkak (2,424).

Nine rivers still exceed the danger level, including Sungai Batu Pahat at the Bekok Dam (Batu Pahat) at 19.79 metres (m); Sembrong Dam in Sungai Sembrong (Batu Pahat) at 12.01m and Sungai Muar in Bukit Kepong (Muar) at 4.63m.

Eight districts in the state is forecast to have sunny skies this morning, while rain is expected in Mersing and Kluang.

In PAHANG, the Social Welfare Department’s InfoBencana application reported that the flood situation remained unchanged with 1,804 people still housed at 12 centres.

Sungai Keratong in the district is still above the danger level but on a declining trend, according to the website

In MELAKA, the number of people evacuated in Jasin dropped to 448 from 117 families compared with 484 from 126 families recorded last night and all of them were housed in five relief centres.

A total of 171 people were placed at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Batu Gajah; 134 at SK Parit Penghulu; 32 at SK Seri Mendapat; 61 at SK Sungai Rambai; and 57 at SK Parit Gantong. -Bernama