Facebook accuses Thai govt of interference

Facebook accuses Thai govt of interference

BANGKOK: Facebook has accused the Thai government of unfairly interfering in its operations and threatened to take legal action to challenge the government, Thai news agency (TNA) reported.

In its statement sent to media, Facebook wrote that “Facebook has determined that we are compelled to restrict access to content which the Thai government has deemed to be illegal. Requests like this are severe, contravene international human rights law, and have a chilling effect on people’s ability to express themselves.”

“We work to protect and defend the rights of all internet users and are preparing to legally challenge this request.”

“Excessive government actions like this also undermine our ability to reliably invest in Thailand, including maintaining an office, safeguarding our employees, and directly supporting businesses that rely on Facebook.”

The statement followed the report that the government asked Facebook to restrict access to the content on its platform that offended the royal institution.


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