Dr Streram: Improve govt health clinic, not asking for hospital

Dr Streram: Improve govt health clinic, not asking for hospital

RANTAU: Rantau’s PKR candidate Dr S Streram is not pushing for a hospital if he wins but wants facilities at the government health clinic to be improved since the population is too small to have a hospital.

As such, the best option would be to improve access and facilities at the government health clinic.

Later, he said he would appeal for a hospital to be built in nearby Rembau so that those seeking treatment would not have to go all the way to the Seremban hospital.

Streram said he that the government health clinic does not have beds or facilities to deal with emergencies during a walkabout in Bandar Ekar Rantau.

“Two ambulances were not working. The health clinic only had the bare minimum in treating injuries and to sew up cuts. So, I want to upgrade the facilities there to better serve the people.

“I have been a medical professional for over three decades, although mostly in the private sector. I also worked in government hospitals, so I know what the rakyat needs in terms of medical aid,” he said.

He also criticised the former BN government for plans to build a hospital in Rembau that did not materialise.

“But how long has it been? Until today, they have not finished that project. So, what is the use to make such an announcement for Rantau? There are serious heart attack and accident cases here.

“It takes two to three hours for an ambulance from Seremban hospital to arrive in Rantau and return to Seremban. We can’t wait. We need our own facilities here.”

When sked whether he had brought the matter to the attention of Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefy Ahmad, Streram said he was told there was no allocation to “fix the problems of the Barisan Nasional government”.

Streram also lamented the lack of fire-fighting facilities in Rantau.

He recalled that in March last year, he visited the victims of a house fire in Taman Bunga Sejati and was told firemen took an hour to arrive.

He said the fire station here was an “abandoned project”.

“There was nothing happening there, so I told reporters and wrote on Facebook about this ‘bomba’ issue. That was in 2018, before GE14,” he said.

The Rantau by-election on April 13 will see Streram contesting together with BN’s Mohamad Hasan and two independent candidates, R Malarviji and Mohd Nor Yassin.