Dr M will go when he wishes; nothing will rattle him!

Dr M will go when he wishes; nothing will rattle him!

Pathetic! That is how I would put it on the issue engulfing the power transition of the prime minister. The current tug-of-war between those wanting Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to continue and those opposing is like two neighbours bitching over a mango growing over one yard while the tree is rooted in the other.

Can’t the leaders in all the political parties in Pakatan Harapan just ingest and digest the fact that Mahathir will only pass on the baton when he wants to and not a thousand political bureau meetings are going to push him to make a decision any sooner.

All those leaders are playing hypocrite in the eye of the public and trying to fool their followers that there is a consensus of sorts with Mahathir.

Hello! Mahathir is a man who listens to no one and nobody except himself. He does what he wants and wishes.

If he decides to ditch you, he will not hesitate. If he decides to hammer you into prison, he will ensure that it eventually happens. And if he decides that you become a painting on his walls, he will do so and hang you for good.

Now, that is the reality and every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that the man who is now ruling into his 24th year of premiership has not changed a millimetre just like his weight that has not moved a kilo.

All this crap spewing from PKR, Amanah and DAP in the Pakatan Harapan coalition about a premier change is hot air and the last laugh is still with Mahathir. As the months and soon years go by until the next general election, the more PKR, Amanah and DAP leaders stir the issue, the more they look like barking up the wrong tree.

Almost the entire make up of Pakatan Harapan leaders have either worked directly or indirectly with Mahathir in the past, or the least have tasted his harsh measures using the various draconian laws in the past against them. Especially those from DAP and some former PAS leaders who are in Amanah now.

So, what is all this masking of having meetings after meetings to appease the voices demanding a power transition when they know well that Mahathir is a person who works in silos. He gives no two hoots to their demands whatsoever, or else by now, he would have bowed out gracefully.

The classic example of him taking over the Education Ministry speedily upon the ”resignation” of former minister Maszlee Malik was nothing short of a thundering slap to DAP and the rest of the Pakatan Harapan leaders. From the very beginning, Mahathir wanted to double up as the Education Minister and the moment was just right by getting the infamous black shoe minister to resign.

Do the other ministers think the rakyat are so stupid that by them saying since he is just Acting Education Minister, that does not breach their promise of not having one minister with two portfolios? We are not bloody morons to buy into that kind of childish placating.

Even in the kopitiam, nasi lemak and char siew rice outlets, patrons turned political analysts are hitting the bullseye in forecasting that Anwar may most probably never be the prime minister given the current demographics within the coalition.

First and foremost, the day Mahathir quits as the prime minister, the likelihood of his party meeting premature death is very high. Bersatu is his brainchild and it will be excruciating to see his new baby going under. He must first fortify Bersatu and the only possible and logical way is to first bring in as much Malay-Muslim support. And who else if not Umno Baru (again his own creation and baby) and factions of PAS, PKR and even Amanah.

Mahathir knows well that Bersatu is still a toddler and that the old guard like Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and himself will not be there forever. So why make enemies with his ”elder” child called Umno? His Umno blood runs voluminously and he sees no wrong in giving lifeline yet again for Umno to make a comeback.

His dream is crystal clear and let’s not mince our words. Anwar can never do that mighty task of uniting all Malays; reasons being quite simple. Anwar has shown his stark weakness in handling his number two and followers who have their own aspirations, with the blessings of Mahathir.

If Anwar cannot even handle his own charge, how is he going to handle DAP which has the second most MPs in the August house? This will rile the Malays more and could lead into further troubled waters for the current government.

Mahathir does not like disruptions and if others think that they can in anyway rattle him, then they are nothing but dolts.

Narinder Pal Singh is a veteran political observer.