Covid 19: Lessons to recall

Covid 19: Lessons to recall

Dear Malaysians,

Some of you who may know I was recently a victim of Covid-19 and now I am with my pink band as a close contact and quarantined at home. Allow me to chronicle my experience.

I must confess being youngish, I was part of a category of young people who thought foolishly that I was indestructible if I were to face this unseen virus, that even if I were to contract it, recovery would be a simple feat if not swift.

How mistaken I was, till today, 30 days later, I still have difficulty doing anything remotely strenuous, climbing up stairs, speaking for a period of time and more.ADVERTISING

It started by me losing my sense of taste followed by smell, cold fevers, coughing and retching.

I was fortunate to be warded in hospital. But my biggest regret was that I was the cause of suffering for my wife, children, family close to me, even friends and colleagues were not spared.

I underestimated the virus and paid a heavy price. I have been told it may take years before I know the actual full damage to my body. Will I be able to forgive myself for the damage I have caused others? I am sure even if they forgive me, the emotional scars will remain.

My experience has made me better able to empathise with our front-liners, people who risk their lives for us Malaysians each and every day.

All they ask for, is for us to stay at home so that we can survive this health disaster as a nation and come out of it with as minimal of casualties as possible.

This health disaster has also brought with it economic challenges that threatens to surpass the toll of the disease itself. People not being able to work, companies not being able to operate, organizations and people facing dire economic consequences.

If only people realise that the ONLY way that this disease can be defeated is if we listen and follow the advise of the health experts. The sooner we listen, the less we travel outside of our homes, the sooner we can get back to out feet, get back to work and and then we can reinvigorate the economy.

If we do not listen, do not adhere, do not follow SOPs, do not cooperate with the authorities, the longer we will have to suffer, the worse will the economy get and the more we endanger our future.

As the captain of my ship, as CE of HRDF, I also have my responsibilities to fulfil. I would like to add that HRDF will continue to fulfil our responsibilities as best we can during this period of uncertainty. We will be rolling out a number of free online training programs for all Malaysians, so that Malaysians can start preparing to get back on their feet as soon as we defeat this unseen enemy.

HRDF under the guidance of our Minister of Human Resources, YB Dato Saravanan will look for new ways, new innovation to serve our stakeholders. That is our commitment to Malaysia.

We urge all stakeholders to understand the challenges and limitations the current environment places upon us, and seek your support in ensuring that together we will find mutually agreed solutions to fight this unprecedented battle.

For now, I urge all Malaysians to support our government, stay at home and adhere to all SOPs. If not for ourselves then for our children and our elderly.

Do not forget to consume more hot water regularly, steam and gargle with salt water to minimise from being infected.

Datuk Shahul Hameed Dawood is the Chief Executive Human Resources Development Fund

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