Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

It has been a tough year and a half for Tan Sri Muhyiddin, just like his compatriots all over the world he has faced adversity like no other. The days of political leaders operating as if ‘politics as usual’ have been rudely disturbed by all manor of acute adversity – politics, economics and health to name but just a few.

What matters from a political leadership perspective is that Tan Sri Muhyiddin has admirably managed the fall out and the consequences – physical, psychological and political, often under conditions of pressure of time, high uncertainty, and collective stress.

The crises brought about by the pandemic are episodes whose impact cannot be controlled merely by astute on-the-ground incident management, particularly so when the disruption in question is constantly raised by enemies within and without, widespread doubt about the effectiveness and the legitimacy of incumbent office-holders, existing institutions, established policy is a oft repeated tool of his opponents.

A lesser man would have long given up, but not Tan Sri Muhyiddin, the decision to call for a lock down for a third time running, and having to dig deep into the country’s reserves to do what the government can was probably not easy, and knowing his opponents are going to use it against him anyway. Damn if he does, damn if he doesn’t.

Balancing between life and livelihood is never an easy option, either choice would only have provided fodder against him. I do not envy his position.

As an ordinary rakyat, I have only this to say to you Tan Sri, continue to do what you are doing, do not self-doubt your decisions. Let God guide your decisions. The right minded people will be with you, not all decisions are appreciated when they are made, but great leaders do not make right decisions for the sake of praise, they make hard decisions when no one else will.

We the rakyat will remember what you have done for us when it matters most, and we will pray for you in your hour of need.

As Malaysians we will fall back on our cultural traditions and focus on our collective well-being more than personal autonomy, we understand the need to stay at home, to practice social distancing and we will play a part to ensure we come out of this together successfully.

Thank you Tan Sri, we know you are doing your best, and that you have always listened to us, and that is all we can ask for.

Tan Sri, you remind me of a Chinese quote “Of a good leader, who talks little, but when your work is done, your aim fulfilled, it will not matter that others will say, “We did this ourselves.” For we know you are doing this not for yourself.

Tan Aik Hua
Kuala Lumpur

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