Cloudflare Web Analytics provides more accurate way to track website performance

Cloudflare Web Analytics provides more accurate way to track website performance

KUALA LUMPUR: Cloudflare Inc, the security, performance, and reliability company helping to build a better Internet, has launched Cloudflare Web Analytics to provide accurate, clear and free analytics for all website owners.

“With Cloudflare Web Analytics, website owners can help protect their visitors’ privacy, and focus on what really matters – clean, simple metrics to understand how their site is performing,” said Cloudflare co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Prince.

Cloudflare Web Analytics which will be available, for free, to any website owner, is built on top of Cloudflare’s existing network, giving site owners insight into key traffic metrics at the edge, according to a statement.

Now, site owners have control over their own site data, eliminating the need for third-party scripts that can track their users and help retarget them with advertising.

For website owners and businesses, analytics are the backbone of their online strategy. This data helps them understand how people find a website, what types of devices they are using, and what they do once they get to a website – critical information for creating a better experience for online visitors.

With Cloudflare Web Analytics, any web creator — not just Cloudflare customers — is able to get the information they need in a simple, clean and accurate way that does not sacrifice their visitors’ privacy.

Cloudflare Web Analytics is also able to deliver accurate insights as it does not conflict with ad blockers, which frequently block third-party analytics tools from measuring anything at all.

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