Chery Sells 20,000 Vehicles Overseas and Again Maintains Its Hot Sale Momentum in March

Chery Sells 20,000 Vehicles Overseas and Again Maintains Its Hot Sale Momentum in March

HANOI, Vietnam, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the latest release of sales figures, Chery Group in March sold 81,818 vehicles, growing by 2.2% year on year. From January to March, Chery Group sold, in total, 229,277 vehicles, a huge increase of 11.5% year on year. Thanks to their impressive “dominating flagship product”, TIGGO 8 SUV from TIGGO Family has recorded a global sale of 41,066 vehicles in the first quarter, a well deserved increase of 14.2% year on year, accumulating over 500,000 global users.

Chery exported over 20,000 vehicles to overseas markets in March. Despite the adverse impact of chips shortage and epidemic recurrences during this year, Chery sought out partners to initiate in-depth collaboration with first-class suppliers and Internet giants in many countries, carried out joint innovation in various fields, and conducted adaptive product development according to local users’ demands. By establishing mutually beneficial and win-win partnerships, expanding their overseas “circle of friendship” and building values and loyalty through technical innovation and product iteration, Chery has been able to maintain hot sales for its products.

According to data released by Fenabrave, the Brazilian Association of Automobile Vehicles, Chery ranked ninth among retail brands in March with a market share of 3.52%, and the accumulated market share from January to March was 3.55%. In the market segment of SUVs, TIGGO 3X, TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 5X maintained their hot sales.

In Chile, according to the ANAC (Asociación Nacional Automotriz de Chile A.G.) data, Chery ranked second with the sale of 3,514 vehicles in March, made a new market share record of 8.5%, and reached an accumulated market share of 8.1%, beating major brands. TIGGO 2 FAMILY series recorded a total sale of 3,226 vehicles in March, ranking number one in the market segment of SUVs. Also, during that time, TIGGO 8 PRO became the official sponsored vehicles of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Chile Open 2022, and joined excited players from around the globe to write a new tennis legend.

Quality products, considerate service and trustworthy brand image have won Chery recognition from so many overseas markets. Chery Group has now exported its products to more than 80 countries and regions, accumulated an amazing 10,000,000 global users, including more than 2,000,000 happy overseas users.