Charles: Muhyiddin should resign following the rulers statement

Charles: Muhyiddin should resign following the rulers statement

I would like to register my deepest respect and appreciation to the Raja Raja Melayu and the Yang Di-Pertuan Agung, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah for the statement released after a meeting this evening.

We urge the government to revoke the emergency by August 1, in line with the call by the Rulers who have noted that it has failed to bring down the number of daily Covid-19 infections in the country.

It’s heartwarming that the Rulers and His Majesty, the Agong, have also understood the suffering of the rakyat brought about by job and income losses.

Perikatan Nasional must also take heed of the observation made by the Malay Rulers and His Majesty, the Agong, about the fragile unity amongst Malaysians.

This statement is bold and takes a whack at Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government. Muhyiddin has failed as the top-most leader in the country and the only graceful thing left for him to do is to step down.

We are seeing unprecedented levels of xenophobia in the country, manufactured to deflate attention from the government’s ineptitude.

And so, I call for the Prime Minister to resign with immediate effect and for Parliament to reconvene urgently.

Charles Santiago is a Member of Parliament Klang

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