Chaos at PKR youth congress as factions clash, Azmin calls for unity

Chaos at PKR youth congress as factions clash, Azmin calls for unity

PUCHONG: Chaos erupted at the PKR youth congress opening this morning, when some quarters tried to smuggle in sacked youth permanent chairman Mizan Adli Md Noor into the meeting amid heavy security.

PKR Youth security personnel, clad in black, were seen clashing with Mizan and his supporters, who attempted to force their way into the Classic Ballroom of Melaka International Trade Centre today.

Delegates could hear shouts ‘buka pintu’ with a lot pushing and shoving involved, prompting several delegates stepping in to defuse the situation.

Mizan initially managed to sneak in but was ejected minutes later after a delegate spotted and pushed him out when the former tried to take a seat at a table.

Even Penang state executive councilor Dr Afif Bahardin was stopped from entering the hall due to the commotion. However, he managed to get in later.

The congress’ first order of business was to choose a new permanent chairman after Mizan and his deputy, Mohd Ramly Ahmad were sacked from the party last week.

The move was said to be orchestrated by PKR youth, led by its chief Akmal Nasrullah Md Nasir.

Mizan and Afif are seen to be aligned to deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, while Akmal is seen as a loyalist of party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The top two PKR leaders were seen to be at odds with one another since last year. Factions aligned to Azmin had even boycotted party’s political bureau meetings for months.

Anwar had also refused to concede to the opposing faction’s demand for separate meetings to resolve their issues, saying that it was best for them to raise their grouses at the party’s official meetings.

Meanwhile, Azmin had denied rumours that factions aligned to him would be holding parallel meetings to the PKR National Congress being held now.

“There are no meetings other than the congress in Malacca,” he said briefly in a press conference after officiating the Women’s Congress and the Youth Congress.

By Hema Subramaniam