Celebrating your child’s birthday during the lockdown

Celebrating your child’s birthday during the lockdown

Schools are shut, attractions are shut and looks like we will go into official lockdown anytime.

During this coronavirus outbreak, we are doing everything we can to get through day by day. I have got my thinking cap on and thought I would share. So here are my tips for celebrating your child’s birthday during the lockdown.

Birthday At Home Ideas
  • Decorate the house. – Usually, I pop a banner and a few balloons up on the morning of my Little Pickles birthday. But this year is pretty unique, time to go all out. I love rainbow colour birthday decorationsso that will be this year’s theme.
  • Throw a garden party. – If the weather is kind then head outside with a picnic rug and some games. I headed over to Amazon to search for garden games that would keep all of the family entertained.
  • Have a Virtual Party. – We now live in the technological age in which most children have access to a tablet or even phone. So using FaceTime, Zoom, HouseParty, Skype or one of the other conference video calling apps.  Set it up for them to speak to their friends and family could make their day.
  • Make them the King or Queen for the day. – Let them chose what activities they want to do within the house and garden obviously.
  • Create a Photo Booth. – This is easily done with kid’s party photo props kit.  Then you can capture the snaps on your smartphone. Then later in the day or after you could also create an album for a lifelong keepsake.
  • Give them an IOU. – This depends on your Little Pickle’s age and understanding. But this lockdown isn’t going to last forever and once that we are all ‘free’ again the whole family can get out and celebrate on a family day out of your Birthday Pickle’s choice.
  • Have a Takeaway. – Lots of restaurants that have had to stop serving on-site, due to social distancing guidelines, are still or newly offering takeaways. So why not support your local businesses and let your Little Pickle choose the dinner?
  • Lastly ‘Be Present’. – If there is one thing that this crazy time is teaching us its how important it is to spend time with our loved one. So forget about the rest of the world and have fun with your kids. Get down and play with their new toys, watch that silly Youtube video and dance to their favourite track. I bet they will remember that for many years to come.

I hope this gives you a few ideas and that you have a lovely time celebrating.

By: MummyPickle

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