Beaufort flood victims appeal for regular maintenance of drainage systems

Beaufort flood victims appeal for regular maintenance of drainage systems

EAUFORT: In appealing for assistance and facilities, flood victims here are also urging the authorities to ensure regular maintenance of the drainage systems so that they will not be struck with disaster every year.

Hazizah Matniasin, 31, a resident of Kampung Bakalau here, when met by Bernama said, it has been the norm for residents in her village and the surrounding areas to evacuate whenever floods occur and at times this would happen twice a year.

“This should not be happening. The government should take the initiative to solve the problem by repairing the drainage system to stop the river from overflowing when it rains heavily,“ the housewife said when met at Dewan DP Mohd Dun Banir relief centre here yesterday.

She said some residents incurred huge losses after their belongings were damaged by the floods and some who faced difficulties after the floods were in need of financial assistance.

Mohd Azam Junaidi, 30, said poor drainage had resulted in the river water to rise at a dangerous level and when the river overflows its banks, floods cannot be prevented.

“We are not asking for a flood mitigation project costing millions because all that we need are the necessary facilities and an allocation for river maintenance and I am confident with regular and proper maintenance there will be no more floods,” he said.

Mohd Azam, a construction worker from Kampung Sungkadan was thankful for the facilities provided at Dewan DP Mohd Dun Banir, but proposed that disposable diapers and milk powder should also be extended to mothers and small children.

Meanwhile, Beaufort district officer Abdul Imam Basirun said, 33 flood victims from nine families are seeking shelter at Dewan DP Mohd Dun Banir and the flood situation in the district is constantly being monitored.

“Over 30 personnel from the Civil Defence Force, Fire and Rescue Department, police, Sabah Health Department, local authorities and district office have been mobilised to assist the flood victims,“ he said.-BERNAMA