Azmin: PKR must remain as PH’s ‘Rock of Gibraltar’

Azmin: PKR must remain as PH’s ‘Rock of Gibraltar’

MELAKA: PKR must remain Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ for stability and durability of the coalition, said its deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

He said PKR must work hand in hand with all partners in the coalition and to continue to strive for progress and reform for the nation.

“It is most crucial that at the end of the day, coalition partners must remain consolidated in support of the vision and the bigger picture,” he said, when officiating the party’s Wanita and Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) National Congress 2019 at di Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) yesterday.

Earlier, Azmin received a thunderous applause from the delegates when he entered into the hall.

Azmin, who is also Economic Affairs Minister, said PH needs to celebrate diversity in opinions and healthy discourse of the mind as people want to see unity and effectiveness in its actions.

“In this regard, PKR must be the vanguard and forefront of the driving force to fulfil this. We must be optimistic. We must not be defeatist. We must be consistent in doing what is right. We must be open to listening to what the rakyat is saying. We must always be vigilant,” he said.

He also asserted that PKR had proved every difference in opinion in the party could be resolved in the spirit of unity, ‘ruhul ukhuwwah’ and ‘mutual respect’.

He added that as a dominant party in the PH government, PKR must have a big heart to listen to the grassroots.

“I am confident, if we adhered to idealism and principles of the struggle, whatever differences, problems, or crises that we face, we can resolve it. We will emerge stronger than ever,” he asserted.

The Gombak MP also reminded party members that the party’s struggle was to champion justice from the people, to the people and of the people.

Touching on the role of youth in the country’s development, he said the PH government had viewed the young generation as the ‘pulse and breath’ of the country, and allocated RM300 million for their development.

He said young men and women, particularly graduates, housewives and those in job transition must be brave to seize any existing opportunity to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

“This is not just about the country’s economy but an opportunity to increase household income and secure financial stability and family’s wellbeing, apart from fostering entrepreneurship culture that could create shared prosperity,” he said.

Taking a lesson from a developed nation which failed to fairly distribute its wealth that led it to face economic crisis, Azmin said the government decided to formulate Shared Prosperity Vision (WKB) 2030 to make Malaysia a fair, just and inclusive nation for its people.

“This effort will drive the country’s economy to be more progressive, knowledge-oriented and high value with comprehensive participation of the society at all levels. WKB 2030 will address social inequalities and imbalances to bridge the gap between income, ethnicity, region and supply chain,” he said

Earlier, his arrival into the hall by riding a tricycle decorated with PKR flags attracted the attention of some 2,000 delegates and supporters with shouts of ‘reformasi’.

The 14th congress will take place until Sunday.