Azis Jaman condemns brutality of Sri Lanka bombings

Azis Jaman condemns brutality of Sri Lanka bombings

By: Hema Subramaniam

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Home Minister Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman has condemned the brutality of yesterday’s Sri Lanka bombings today.

“Regardless of the motive, the attacks in Sri Lanka are the same as the traitorous attack in Christchurch: cowardly, barbaric and cruel,” he said this to The Leaders Online in the Parliament today.

He said the fact that the massacre of so many targeted on houses of worship, is atrocious and no matter what faith we follow be it Christianity, Islam or any other, nobody deserves to die.

“It is my hope that in Malaysia something like this will not happen. We live in a harmonious multi-racial country although we have small misunderstandings every now and then.”

As Christians in Sri Lanka gathered on Sunday morning to celebrate Easter Mass, powerful explosions ripped through three churches packed with worshipers, leaving hundreds of victims amid havoc of splintered and blood-spattered pews.

In what the police said were coordinated terrorist attacks carried out on both sides of the country by a single group, suicide bombers also struck three hotels popular with tourists. At least 325 people were killed.

Investigations are on-going and arrests have been made.