Assunta students missing after canceling Grab ride

Assunta students missing after canceling Grab ride

PETALING JAYA: In a plea posted on Facebook today, ride-hailing service Grab has launched an inquiry into a claim that two underage passengers had gone missing.

Natshatra Navanita, 15, and Divya Munian, 16, who are students of the Assunta Secondary School here, were supposed to have taken a Grabcar last night but never went back home.

“This news is being treated with seriousness,” Grab said today, adding that it did not have further details on their whereabouts other than what was recorded on its system.

“Unfortunately, according to the system, the ride was cancelled and our driver-partner proceeded to his next job,” the company said.

Grab said it had contacted the family of the two girls as well as police.

According to one of the girls’ parents, the pair has been missing since 11.40pm last night and were last seen at the Maxwell Tower Condo in Gasing Indah.

Those with information on the matter can call 019-2078829, 017-2656824 and 011-13676202.

A viral message on WhatsApp said the two girls took part in a Tamil New Year celebration at a nearby Hindu temple last night.

Natshatra waited with Divya outside her home for Divya’s Grabcar ride.

“The ride that was meant to take Divya home was canceled and the girls were (and still are) uncontactable, even via Divya’s phone which we believe has run out of battery as it was already running low at the temple,” the anonymous message said.

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