Aquaculture company invests RM2 mln in Langkawi Cage Culture

Aquaculture company invests RM2 mln in Langkawi Cage Culture

LANGKAWI: FMR Agro Aqua Culture Sdn Bhd will invest RM2 million in a hybrid grouper and redfish farming project at the marine culture system site at Menghulu river here.

Its managing director, Faizal Mohd Ross said the investment covers the process of rehabilitating the existing enclosure stretching 2.5 acres (1.01 hectares) owned by Kedah Agro Holdings Berhad, and purchase of fish seeds.

“FMR Agro Aqua Culture Sdn Bhd signed a 30-year agreement with Kedah Agro Holdings Berhad to redevelop this cage culture project. This location used to have 150 cages but now there are only 50 cages left. We will rehabilitate it to accommodate 200 cages in the future,” he told reporters.

Earlier at the site, Kedah Agriculture and Food Industry, Plantation Industries and Commodities, Transport and Indian Community Affairs Committee chairman Azman Nasrudin officiate the release of hybrid grouper and redfish seeds into the enclosure. 

According to Faizal, the present 50 cages could potentially produce a harvest of 50,000 kg.

“We expect to harvest about 2,000 kg of the redfish in a period of six months while the hybrid grouper will take some time as we have to wait for them to weigh 5 kg from the initial 1 kg.

“The hybrid grouper can then be processed as fillet for the local market. However, when the borders are reopened (post-pandemic), we can export fresh hybrid groupers that weigh between 700 grams and 1 kg to China and Hong Kong,” he said.