Agatsa leads innovation in cardiac care for the world

Agatsa leads innovation in cardiac care for the world

Agatsa Software Technology Pvt. Ltd is a product and solution-based company formed in 2010, with its headquarters located in Noida, India.

The company was co-founded by a dynamic couple, Rahul Rastogi and Neha Rastogi, both engineers from Aligarh Muslim University and seasoned professionals from their respective fields.

Agatsa operates in the field of cardiac monitoring and has launched the world’s smallest ECG device SanketLife. A handheld, wireless, key chain sized device to record 12 Lead ECG readings accurately and to monitor heart activity.

The device instantly generates ECG report that is displayed on the smartphone connected to the device by Bluetooth. The innovation is backed up by various clinical trials, done by reputed institutions all over India and has an efficacy of 98% when compared with any traditional ECG device.

The company also holds many awards and accolades in its kitty, including the Mashelkar award for Frugal innovation and inclusive innovation.

Agatsa is constantly working to improve the way cardiac care is perceived in the world and aims to touch the lives of millions of people across the globe with their innovation.

“Our vision is to create a medical device company that can provide a well-structured solution in the field of healthcare, using biomedical engineering and simplifying the approach towards healthcare solutions,” said the Rastogis when speaking to The Leaders Online.

The Rastogis said that among the devices they provide include Leadless Device with the ability to take complete 12 lead medical-grade ECG.

“It will help get your heart checked in less than 60 seconds. You can also get your reports reviewed by doctors anytime.

‘Plus, our device is ultralight handheld product, which means, it is ideal to be used at home, clinical settings or even in ambulatory conditions,” they said.

Among other products they provide are SanketLife 2.0, SanketLife Pro+ and SanketLife SiwthcSy.

In recognition of their good work, Agatsa has a list of famous companies as their clientele.

“Top among our clients are Help Age India, CGHS Bangalore, WISH Foundation, Tata Trust and MOIT Hospital,” said the Rastogis.