A Grab driver’s small act of kindness made the day for one customer

A Grab driver’s small act of  kindness made the day for one customer

PUCHONG: A small act of kindness can make make someone’s day. It is even more significant when one is willing to give up their rightfully earned wages to be kind.

This is exactly what Facebook user Daksayani Ganeson received when she got on a Grab car driver by one by the name of Rofaizul Mazlan who drives a car with the registration number W5764G.

Yesterday afternoon, Daksayani hailed a Grab car from the LRT Ampang to Ampang health clinic. As she got into the car, she realised that she did not have cash to pay the driver.

“I panicked as I didn’t have any cash with me and was wondering how am I going to pay for my ride,” she wrote on her Facebook.

Rofaizul was kind enough to wait for her while she made a call to her home, confirming that she had left her purse at home.

She wanted to cancel the ride as she did not have the cash. Rofaizul however offered her a free ride and even gave her cash to pay her medical bill.

“I wanted to transfer the cash back into his bank account but he refused,”she said.

She said that she highlighted Rozaiful on her Facebook due to the kind gesture he rendered to her.

Today is Labour Day. Daksayani’s experience reminds us that we should also be kind in executing our duties as it can make someone’s day.

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