17-year-old sprinter caught doping, may get four-year ban

17-year-old sprinter caught doping, may get four-year ban

KUALA LUMPUR: A 17-year-old sprinter is staring at a possible four-year ban after he was caught doping at the 2019 Malaysian Closed athletics championship in August last year.

Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) president Datuk SM Muthu said the athlete, who competed in the 4×100 metres relay, tested positive for methasterone and oxymetholone, which are classified as banned substances under the anabolic androgenic steroids.

According to him, MAF had called up the athlete and a national coach on Dec 26 and Thursday respectively for the first hearing session. They would attend the second hearing session next week.

“The test found two types of banned substances, methasterone and oxymetholone, believed to have been used to enhance performance. However, investigations are ongoing and have entered the final phase.

“We need to gather as much information as possible before deciding on any action,” he told reporters after chairing the MAF Committee Meeting at Wisma OCM yesterday.

MAF vice president Datuk R Annamalai said that if found guilty, the athlete would be suspended from participating in any domestic and foreign tournaments for four years.

“If it is a steroid such as this, (the sentence) it will be four years…it is unavoidable. The athlete can escape only if he or she can prove something (like having been framed).

“Therefore, we must investigate the matter thoroughly to find out the real cause and have to call both athlete and coach again before making any decision,” he said.