11 feared dead after ship capsizes off Indonesia’s Bali

11 feared dead after ship capsizes off Indonesia’s Bali

JAKARTA: Eleven people were feared dead after a ship sank in the waters off Indonesia’s Bali resort island four days ago, reported Xinhua news agency, quoting a top rescuer on Friday.

The fishing ship, KM Tanjung Permai, operated by a fishing firm, was hit by huge waves and capsized in the sea off southern Bali island on Monday night, head of Search and Rescue Office of Bali Island Gede Darmada said.

Darmada said the information was obtained from one of the 12 crew members of the ship, who was rescued on Thursday afternoon, saying that the man named Nurohman had used a floating object to survive.

The head of the rescue office said the ship was sailing without safety equipment and under unfavorable weather conditions when the incident occurred, citing a warning of extreme weather had been issued by the weather agency, he said.

“If we see the condition of the ship which had no life jackets and no other safety equipment, the opportunity for the eleven crews to survive is very small,” he told Xinhua.

Nurohman was saved by a passing boat in the Grajagan Strait of the nearby province of East Java after the current swept him to the strait, said Darmada.

Alif Supartana, head of the Operational Unit of Search and Rescue Office in Bali, said the search for the missing crew members resumed on Friday, involving personnel of the Navy, the search and rescue offices, and water policemen in Bali island and East Java province’s Banyuwangi district.