You got no business talking about the Chinese, Zakir

You got no business talking about the Chinese, Zakir

PUCHONG: Jelutong MP RSN Rayer took Indian Muslim evangelist Dr Zakir Naik to task over the latter’s remarks against the Chinese community.

The DAP lawmaker said that the evangelist “had no business talking about the Chinese living in this country presently as they are all rightful citizens of Malaysia.”

He said this in response to Zakir’s remark made in Kelantan.  Zakir is alleged to have said that the Chinese should leave Malaysia before him as he is the new guest and the Chinese, old guests.

“Dr Zakir Naik who himself is a fugitive wanted by India and many other countries and who has since fled his country of origin, India has no right to ask the Chinese to go back to China as all the Chinese living in Malaysia now are rightfully citizens of this country who have contributed immensely to this country’s development before and since independence until today.

“We are all Malaysians, we no longer want to be segregated by race,” he said.

The federal lawmaker “appealed and begged” Zakir to keep his mouth shut.

“Every time he opens his mouth, he creates more disharmony and disunity amongst the multiracial citizens of this country.”

“He has overstayed his welcome and has shown his ungratefulness to this country and its citizen despite the fact that he is given a permanent resident status.

“Instead of being grateful to us, Zakir has stocked tension amongst the various races in this country  and he should no longer be allowed to make any speeches in any public forums or rallies.

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