Yakult Welcomes On-site Factory Tours with Online Booking System and Introduces New Original Family Pack to Fellow Singaporeans

Yakult Welcomes On-site Factory Tours with Online Booking System and Introduces New Original Family Pack to Fellow Singaporeans

In addition to first hand insights into the production line of one of the most prominent cultured milk brands in the region, Yakult launches a multipack with apple, grape and orange flavours.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yakult Singapore has opened its doors for its physical tours again while announcing a brand new Yakult Original Family Pack, with flavours exclusively available in Singapore, for local consumers.

Yakult Senoko Factory
Yakult Senoko Factory

Since resumed on August 8, the factory tour has received overwhelming requests from public. Interested visitors can now book their slots from the website, where they can select the available slots for up to 90 days from the day they are applying. The factory is located at 7 Senoko Ave and welcomes everyone during the plant’s working hours.

The tour has fully trained personnel that will provide a presentation on the background of the company and its products. Visitors will also get to watch a scientific documentary on the benefits of probiotics or an animated video for younger sightseers on the role L. casei strain Shirota plays in the maintenance of the digestive system. One of the highlights of this tour is that every visitor will receive a chance to taste delicious healthy Yakult drinks, fresh off the line.

Visitors are also able to view the entire high-tech production process through a glass-walled viewing gallery. The glass walls were specially constructed to provide clear viewing while preventing contamination and accidents at the production site so that visitors can immerse in the behind-the-scenes operations with ease and no worries about having to watch their steps.

Just like the exclusive drinks, Yakult’s tour also has a history with the activity dating back to 1987. Yakult Singapore has been welcoming visitors for educational tours of its state-of-the-plant for over three decades and keeps it ongoing so customers can gain insights into the making of the Yakult drinks.

The Yakult Original Family Pack

Yakult Singapore has introduced its Original Family Pack Yakult consisting of original and mixed flavours. This new pack, launched on August 1, comes with 10 bottles of Yakult in a pack, providing convenience and added value for purchasing customers. It is currently available in supermarkets, stores, and home delivery via Yakult Ladies for easy ordering.

Singapore is the only country in the world where Yakult is produced in different flavours; grape, orange, and apple. As part of the process, the concentrated Yakult is transferred to a mixing tank where it is diluted with sterilised water, and later proceed to make into different flavours.

For more information, visit and for the factory tours.

About Yakult Singapore

Yakult is a premium probiotic cultured milk drink with a specially cultivated beneficial bacteria known as Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota. Currently, more than 40 million bottles of Yakult are being sold in 40 countries and regions daily.

Yakult Singapore established its factory in Singapore in 1979 and continues to be the *No.1 Selling Probiotic Drink in the whole cultured milk category. With a humble beginning operating in three containers at Hillview Avenue, Yakult Singapore operates today from an ultra-modern plant at Senoko Avenue. As Yakult is produced daily, consumers can be assured of the highest quality and freshness of Yakult sold in Singapore.

The brand perseveres to spread the benefits of its unique probiotic, L. casei strain Shirota along with the principles of Shirota-ism. Starting from 1 Jan 2023, L. casei strain Shirota will be renamed as L. paracasei strain Shirota.