We plan to convert all Orang Asli to Islam by 2049, says Maik

We plan to convert all Orang Asli to Islam by 2049, says Maik

PUCHONG: The Kelantan Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Maik) aims to convert all Orang Asli people in the state to Islam within 30 years’ time.

In a report published by Utusan Online, Maik deputy chairman Nik Mohd Azlan Abd Hadi claimed that 5,000 out of 16,000 Orang Asli people in the state had already embraced Islam.

He added that currently, there are about 100 preachers from Maik and the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) working on the proselytization mission, which covers offering aid and education to the community.

“If we can convert 500 of them to Islam within a year, God willing, all Orang Asli people in the state will be Islamised in 30 years.

“We are planning for a comprehensive proselytization process with the help of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,” said Azlan.

He also said that Maik has formulated three modules in their bid to convert Orang Asli into Islam.

The first profile, Azlan said, was profiling the Orang Asli between those who have embraced Islam and those who have not.

“Second module is about streamlining the proselytization method which includes teaching them to pray, fast and others.

“The third module is about preparing the Islamic preachers on the best way to proselytize to the Orang Asli,” said Azlan.

Earlier today, The Leaders Online published a report where Maik had buried 15 people of the Batek community who died recently in a single grave, claiming they were Muslims.

Twitter user Juana Jaafar slammed Maik for its decision saying the Orang Asli community have their own customs on how to bury their dead.

“Orang Asli are pitiful. They were converted by the government. Their village name was added with the name “Islam”.  Then the community is abandoned.

“After the (the Orang Asli) deaths, their bodies are brought down and they are powerless to practice their own customs,” she said.

By G Vinod

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