Twins With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring the World on Social Media

Twins With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring the World on Social Media

It may seem surprising that parents Julie and Dan McConnel are so comfortable sharing pictures of their twin boys, Milo and Charlie, on social media.

The boys are photographed and filmed doing all sorts of daily activities, just like toddlers across the world. But this pair, who have become a viral sensation, has gained a large chunk of their attention because they both have Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that results in physical and cognitive complications and delays, leaving parents of children with the disorder challenged to navigate the already-difficult world of child-rearing. Many children with Down syndrome have trouble learning and can suffer from everything from poor eyesight to congenital heart disease.

As the McConnels have made it a point to share, though, individuals with Down syndrome are full of smiles, hugs, and love—so while there are plenty of challenges involved with raising an adaptive-needs kid, there are even more gifts and treasures to be found in the journey as well.

Because of that, the parents want to help erase the stigma surrounding the condition—and they’re using a smiles-filled social media presence to do it.

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