Trump is losing his marbles

Trump is losing his marbles

PUCHONG: US President Donald Trump is now seen on a war-like rampage, picking up fights with powerful nations on the planet.

The first and foremost on his list of enemies is the world’s second largest economy, China.

In his bid to make America great again, whatever that means, Trump went about slapping 25% tariffs on US$250 billion worth of goods from China.

He also issued an executive order banning China’s telecommunication company from entering the US citing national security issue, leaving telco giant Huawei at a loss on how to go about doing its business in the US.

But China is not taking Trump’s attacks lying down. President Xi Jinping retaliated by slapping tariffs on American goods in the communist nation.

Sensing his bravado may have adverse effects on the US economy itself, Trump toned down his attacks and went ahead saying he was willing talk things out with Xi at the G20 summit come Satruday.

Trump’s next target is India, throwing the latter out from its list of countries that were allowed to have duty free access for their products to be marketed in the US.

The reason Trump made decision was because India has tightened certain regulations on local storage of data and restricting the number of foreign companies’ online operations in the subcontinent.

But is that really why Trump has hardened his stand on India? Or could it be because India was planning to purchase S-400 surface-to-air missiles from Russia?

Well, Trump made his intentions clear when he told the Indian government that he was against the latter’s deal with Russia and urged India to purchase missiles from US-owned firms.

He had also threatened India for purchasing oil from Iran. Fearing backlash from the superpower, the Indian government relented to US’ demand, affecting the nation’s oil supply.

Does Trump understand what is respecting another nation’s sovereignty is all about? It does not appear so.

Speaking of Iran, Trump, with chest thumping and all, declared that he is ready to obliterate parts of Iran for downing its drone which was flying on Iranian airspace last week.  

He had also accused Iran of trying to develop its own nuclear programme, which he claimed threatened the stability of Middle East.

As we all know, Trump is merely targeting Iran because the latter is seen as rival to Saudi Arabia and Israel. A destroyed Iran would provide a sense of relief to these two nations, which are closely aligned to the US.

But Trump seems to underestimate Iranian’s resolve on the matter.

Iran, or formerly Persia, was a power to be reckoned with for millenniums. It has survived attacks from various forces including the once-invincible Rom and thrived until today.

So, does Trump really believe his cowboy threats to Iran would work? If he does, Trump must be living in his own world.

Today, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called Trump ‘mentally retarded’ for his threats.

The writer does not think Trump is ‘mentally retarded’. The US president is a just pompous man who believes in his own illusion of grandeur.

By G Vinod

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