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The significance of Nuzul Quran

The significance of Nuzul Quran

PUCHONG: The celebration of Nuzul Quran is significant today because it is the day Allah gave his final guidance to mankind – the Quran.

“It is the beginning of the final guidance from Allah swt.  He chose the best month, Ramadan to impart his guidance to humankind,” said Mohamed Amine Hocini.

“It is a day for Muslims to revise their relationship with the Quran. Muslims believe that as long as one is connected to the Quran, they would have better relations with the community and humanity,” he said.

In Malaysia, Nuzul Quran is a public holiday.

He added that the Quran also provides the right direction for mankind.

On that note, Amine also noted that there are those claiming to be in the right direction but was not in a real sense.

“There are those claiming to have the right direction but are actually deviants killing Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of Islam. We should emphasize on true connection,” said Amine who holds a doctorate in Quran from University Malaya.

He also pointed out that Muslims have misunderstood the message of Quran by putting it aside which has resulted in turmoil in the Muslim world.

“Many Muslim countries in the second and third world are suffering.  This is due to Muslim leaders there forgetting the message of peace and development.

“Development is better for all mankind as seen in Andalusia.  We should all remember the message of unity is for all humanity.

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