The fall of people’s mandate

The fall of people’s mandate

Looking at the current political situation in Perak it is clear that the continuation of the crisis is an extension of Ahmad Faizal Azumu @Peja’s political game that no longer has the majority.

People are increasingly frustrated by the power transition which is delayed by listing three nominees for Menteri Besar to the Sultan. The Palace should not be burdened with their insecure political game. The fact is Peja failed to perform well during his tenure in Pakatan Harapan government.

Day after day we witnessed his foolishness in resolving issues of administration and dealing with problems of misappropriation of people’s rights involving land, logging and tendering.

Following the ‘leap’ of several assemblymen (ADUN) to Perikatan Nasional, it is wise that menteri besar post to be given to either Umno chairmen Datuk Saarani Mohamad or Perak Pas Commissioner Mohd Razman Zakaria. Anyway people cannot digest Peja’s betrayal and without rattan the root is useful too. (tiada rotan akar pun berguna juga).

We are aware that he is dismissed for any post in the federal government as he did not fit into the criteria set by the Prime Minister which is to have a degree and clean records from MACC and PDRM screening. Maybe Ahmad Faizal should focus on one of these matters rather than demanding for the Perak mentri besar post.

 Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak is Perak PKR chief