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COVID-19: Australia tighten social distancing rules

MELBOURNE: Australia stepped up enforcement of social distancing rules today to contain community transmission of the novel coronavirus, implementing fines, closing beaches and threatening stricter measures if people defy pleas to stay at home. The death toll from the virus

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Bushfire smoke blows into Australia’s capital as fire threat eases

MELBOURNE: Bushfires eased near Australia’s capital Canberra today as temperatures dipped, but officials warned heavy smoke was set to blow into the city with a shift in the wind. While a fire continued to burn out of control southwest of

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Australia readies for more bushfires with temperatures set to soar

SYDNEY: Australian officials today warned communities in hard-hit eastern states to strengthen bushfire defences as soaring temperatures and strong winds were set to return, threatening to reignite some blazes and start fresh ones. Since September, Australia has been battling bushfires

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Australia’s NSW declares state of emergency for bushfires

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) declared its second state of emergency in two months today as temperatures were set to soar above 40 Celsius and nearly 100 bushfires were burning throughout the state, with authorities concerned about

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New South Wales – last Aussie state to decriminalise abortion

SYDNEY: Abortion could soon be decriminalised across Australia, with the last holdout state – New South Wales – set to consider a new law this week that would remove terminations from the criminal code. Under legislation dating back to 1900,

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