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Bersatu, Amanah still incapable of replacing Umno, PAS

PUTRAJAYA: Both Bersatu and Amanah are still incapable in replacing Umno and PAS to champion Malay rights and Islam, said political analyst Awang Azman Awang Pawi. The deputy director of Malay Studies Academy in Universiti Malaya said both the Pakatan

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Pakatan Harapan components ain’t strong on its own

PASIR SALAK: No party in Pakatan Harapan (PH) can strut about and claim it is strong compared to other component parties in the coalition, said Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) president Mohamad Sabu. He said that all the component parties in

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‘Prove allegations that Amanah is DAP funded’

IPOH: Claims that Amanah is funded by the DAP is malicious and is meant to tarnish the party’s image. Under such circumstances, those who make such allegations should prove the allegations, said Amanah treasurer general Asmuni Awi. “There has to

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Don’t use press freedom to stir up racial, religious issues

GEORGETOWN: Press freedom should not be abused by anyone to sensationalise racial and religious issues, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusuf Rawa. He urged all parties, the opposition in particular, to use the press freedom to develop

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Husam: UMNO-PAS ties won’t last long

PUCHONG: The Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) questioned whether the cooperation between PAS and UMNO through the joint charter that is expected to be signed after Hari Raya was only to seek political power. “We are waiting for the announcement of

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