Sultan Muhammad V advises subjects not to cross state borders for Aidiladha

Sultan Muhammad V advises subjects not to cross state borders for Aidiladha

KOTA BHARU: Sultan Muhammad V (pix) has advised Kelantanese to abide by the National Recovery Plan directives and not cross state borders to celebrate Aidil Adha in their home villages.

The Sultan’s senior private secretary Datuk Nik Mohd Shafriman Nik Hassan said His Highness was of the opinion that not having the opportunity to meet their parents during a pandemic does not mean they do not love them, and instead, it was a responsible choice to ensure their families are protected.

“When we refrain ourselves from meeting them (family), we will not expose them to the risk of the Covid-19 virus, which has now mutated aggressively with a high infectivity rate.

“With positive cases in Kelantan still at three figures, the people must always be vigilant and not be negligent in complying with the guidelines set, such as by always wearing face masks, observing physical distancing and personal hygiene so as not to be infected with the Covid-19 virus,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Nik Mohd Shafriman said in view of a spike in cases in the country, Sultan Muhammad V had also advised mosques to adhere to existing guidelines.

The Sultan also called for the people to learn from the incidences which led to mosque clusters before, as the virus does not distinguish between people, places or time.

“Among the teachings of the Prophet when faced with the problem of infectious diseases is prevention. It is the religious responsibility of every individual and society to take preventive measures and avoid public places, including mosques, so that healthy people are not infected.

Nik Mohd Shafriman said Sultan Muhammad V also called for his subjects to be patient in facing these difficulties and work together in helping ease the burden of health workers who are doing their best to save the lives of thousands of patients nationwide.

“His Highness also urged the people to continue to pray for the pandemic to be contained and for herd immunity to be achieved as soon as possible,“ he said.